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Privacy Policy for Atlassian Marketplace - Schütze AG

Effective starting: 25.05.2018

The protection of your data and your privacy is very important to us and we regard it as a high priority. Schütze AG ("Schütze") adheres to a strict policy for ensuring the privacy and security of your data, in particular your personally identifiable information such as full name, address, e-mail address, and/or other identifiable information ("Personal Data").


This Privacy Policy Statement offers an overview of the collection and processing of your data for Server Apps. All data which is created by a Server Product end user (you) and which will be stored within Atlassian Products are hereinafter defined as "Customer Data".

Schütze offers downloadable products ("Server Apps") for Atlassian Server Products, which areinstalled on the IT-systems of customer and/ or subcontractors. Server Apps can be found in the "Server" category in the corresponding Atlassian Marketplace listing.

Data Security

In order to ensure data security, in particular the protection of your Personal Data, we maintain and periodically update technical and organizational measures to remain state-of-the-art protection. Please contact us for further information about our data security concept.

In case a Server App of ours is installed on a subcontractors system and you have questions about our data security concept or the data security measures of our partners and subcon tractors, please contact us.

Server Apps

Data Storage

Our Server Apps only store Customer Data in the corresponding Atlassian Server Product, unless otherwise stated below.


Exceptions applying to all Server Apps:


Issue Data: Our Server Apps may offer a process mining functionality to allow you to automatically and manually report your Issue-Transition Data to the web-service of "myInvenio".

This functionality can be triggered in the respective Apps and works as follows:


It will collect relevant issue data as a CSV-File from the customers system and will send this data unencrypted to

the service to receive a process-model as a SVG-Image, which will be stored locally in the customers system. The

data submitted will also be stored in the systems of myInvenio.

Data Location

Data location refers the service used by the client’s and/ or subcontractor’s system.

Access to Customer Data

We, our partners and subcontractors are contractually bound to the same data security and privacy standards. Only authorized Schütze employers, partners and subcontractors for Server Apps operation have access to Customer Data.



Our partners/subcontractors are:

• Cognitive Technology LTD: The process mining tool myInvenio from our partner Cognitive Technology LTD is a necessary component in order to run process mining analysis with myProcess. The Cognitive Technology LTD privacy policy can be found here.

• GISA GmbH: GISA as our subcontractor and provider of highly secure data storage and application operation solutions. GISA GmbH privacy policy in German can be found here. Please contact us for the English version.